Sunday, 4 November 2012


You want to settle down

Feeling like the pace of single life is too hectic? Do you look at your single friends as if they're all just running around pointlessly from party to party with no greater ambition than finding their next "lay"? More importantly, have you caught yourself contemplating whether there's something more? There is, and your gut tells you the answer lies with your girlfriend. This is a telltale indicator that you're well on your way to accepting the inevitable... marriage. What once was a taboo subject has become a most reasonable idea. The only real dilemma now is how you break this revelation to your friends. Yeah, you'll take some good-natured ribbing from your buds, but in the end, you'd trade in that pool cue for your honey any day of the week. 

You live with her
Now that you've been together for a while, you begin to realize that she's someone very special. Whenever you go out of town on business, you frequently wish she could be there with you. Conversely, when she's away, it hits you that you can't wait for her to get back. You want to vacation with her and visit new places together. In other words, you've reached a point where you can't picture her ever leaving your life and you see yourself growing old with her. Face the facts pal, you're headed toward marriage alley and you actually like the idea. 

You love her Character
In past relationships, you've always ended up being irreconcilably annoyed by your girlfriends' little habits. Whether it was a constant need for shopping sprees or leaving her hair all over your bathroom, there was always something you could not get over; but not with this one. The way she teases you playfully or makes fun of your complete collection of Pittsburgh Steeler bobble heads, in your eyes, is all good. In fact, you find yourself laughing along with her more often than not. This is a clear indication of how much you've come to appreciate her character. 

You consider her family your own
You've met her parents and she's met yours. You've attended holidays, birthdays, barbecues, and even the occasional tragedy together with her family. As they have embraced you as someone important in your girlfriend's life, so too have you come to care for them more than any other group of people (with the exception of your own kin, of course). When you get this intertwined with her, there's only one place left to go. 

You already know what ring to buy her
So you've started looking at diamonds and rings? Surely this must mean that you've been paying some attention to your lady's hints. Even more amazing to you, this is a process that feels less like a "chore" and more like a labor of love. You want the engagement ring to really reflect your taste and your commitment to her. If this doesn't tell you you're ready to propose, then umm... what exactly are you doing it for?

You fantasize on the wedding
It's all becoming an exciting prospect to you, this idea of marriage. The fact that it doesn't scare you is remarkable. But more amazingly, you realize that you can spin a ton of positives out of it.
The wedding party will be a blast. Friends you haven't seen in a while will all be celebrating, drinking and dancing with you again at your reception. Plus, this time you get to be the recipient of a stag party and not merely a participant.

You start sacrificing financially
Another clue that you're really ready to pop the question is when you've begun calculating the fees necessary to take a wife. You realize that you'll need to give up some luxuries in order to finance this event. A true man steps up and shows his woman that he's ready and able to field the cost.

If, for example, you sell the aforementioned bobble head collection to a dealer to get some cash or trade in your Audi TT for a fuel-efficient Ford Escape to save for the wedding (and you can smile while doing so), then you're ready. If you've recognized this need and, more importantly, are eager to make it happen, then you're in line to get hitched.

You want her to be the mother of your children
This one's big. It may not have been that long ago, when the mere the thought of being a daddy sent you running for the nearest bottle of tequila. However, if being with your latest lady has you actually thinking of children's names and even grinning at the thought that she might be the mother to your brood, then you've certainly got nuptials on the brain.
Just remember; before you actually start trying to have those bambinos, make sure she's on the same page.

You make long-term plans together
The realization that you're ready for marriage may actually be obvious. If you've initiated or willingly participated in discussions with your girlfriend about eventually buying a house, having children, saving for retirement, or any such future plans, then it's a logical assumption for you (and a fait accompli for her) that you should propose.

Similarly, if you've found yourself paying special attention to reports about the suburbs (hikes in taxes, school zones, housing markets, etc.) Don't fight it any longer, you're ready.

You know she's the one
While all the prior examples are good indicators of readiness for marriage, nothing is as important as this one. In essence, this reason is really the assemblage of all the prior indicators; the reason why all signs point to her. After all, you're with her now for a reason. She is the culmination of all the dating experiences that came before.
You've learned who you are, you remember the girls you've thrown back while waiting for that special catch. And now you know that the "one" is in your life. All her good traits and the way she makes you feel about yourself impress upon you the absolute need to keep this one. There was never anyone like her in your life before and you know there won't be again. So stop dilly-dallying and get to it, man.

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