Sunday, 12 May 2013


A girl knows how to demand. A woman knows how to contribute.

Girls complain too often. A woman will observe for a while,  and then call her man's attention to the
matter arising.

Girls can spend 5k on ice cream. A woman can manage 5k to cook for a week

A girl will wanna keep up with trends. A woman will wanna consider her man's progress.

A girl will never ask how he manages. Caring after him is a woman's priority.

A girl will measure her man's worth by the weight of his pocket. A woman will measure her man's
worth by his level of Wisdom, the fear of God and how disciplined he can be towards finances.

A girl is naturally selfish, stubborn, and short sighted. A woman is sacrificial, loyal, future oriented and family minded.

A girl wants everything now. A woman waits until they can both attend to their needs as at when possible.

A girl is not considerate. A woman helps her man to plan. 

You definitely must grow from being a girl to a woman to be able to handle a home. You can't still be a girl and expect to get a man, of course you will get a boy.

Men, do u want a girl for marriage or a woman? Ladies, are you a girl or a woman to your spouse?

To each and every WOMAN out there, you rock our world..

Love, Respect And Gratitude.


  1. @Marco Gomes. Yes!! the fear of God. Even if you don't go to church but you know the God exists and you appreciate Him, that's enough....

    1. No it's not enough. Paul in the Bible says that fellowship with other christians is still very important and we should not give it up. God desires us to worship Him in both spirit and in truth. Just appreciating that He exists doesn't cut it. Even Satan and his demons believe and appreciate the fact that God exists. (But I'm not comparing anyone to them, I'm just stating the facts.)

  2. I get your point. Thanks for your contribution...