Monday, 6 May 2013


Toxic Behaviors 

Toxic behaviors are those which can make a person to feel devalued, inadequate, angry, frustrated, sad or guilty. Women want to feel loved and cherished. Clingy behavior from a man can make a woman feel suffocated. Many men establish a set of rules and regulations for their women. If a guy is abusive and controlling always, a woman may feel suffocated and leave him.

Women like men who can stand on his own. If the Guy is a Momma’s boy and do not have an opinion of his own, it can make a girl feel insignificant. Every woman wants her man to value her above others. She wants her man to be confident and stand by her. A woman may not want to be with a man to whom Friends, job or his own family comes before her. Women also dislike men who compare them negatively with his mother.

Hygiene Issues

 Many times, those with hygiene issues may not know it. Those you notice it may not tell them about it because they do not want to offend the person. Not every woman would want to be with a man having body odor or smelly mouth. She probably may have dropped some hints which you failed to pick up.

You need help

Being with someone with habits like drug addiction and alcoholism is not an easy job. Some Guys may promise to change or take expert help, but may not keep their word. Women see no future with such guys and may opt to leave them instead.

You are bad in Bed

 For women sex is an expression of love. Women want their men to be passionate about them and please them on bed. If a man is only concerned about his needs and make no efforts to satisfy his lady on bed, she may dump him. No woman likes to feel used. After all, a healthy relationship is about equality.

She sees no future with you

 Women look for emotional security in relationships. They want their men to show love and affection. Women want their men to be respectful to them and attentive to their needs. No woman likes to feel neglected by the man she loves. They may not want to be with men who take them for granted or treat them like a doormat. Men having commitment phobia may not openly express love for the women. If a woman is serious about marriage, she may not want to continue with such a man.

You are irresponsible

Women like men who take the responsibility. Most women want their men to earn well and keep them in comforts. Women expect the partner to be worth depending in all the needs of life. Most women find men who do not take the responsibility for his words or actions and blame others and situations for all problems a huge turn off.

Parental Pressures

 Love is blind but when it comes to marriage most women want family and social acceptance. Majority of women find it difficult to go against their Parents wishes. If Parents does not approve a Guy, she may dump him and marry a girl of parents’ choice.

She has fallen out of Love

 Mostly in long term relationships, there is the possibility of couples falling out of love after some time. If a woman loses all the excitement in the relationship, she may not want to continue the relationship. It is also possible that she might have fallen in love with someone else.

Trust Issues

 When men get into the secretive mode or gets caught red handed lying, it’s mostly because he is cheating on his partner. No women wish to have a cheating spouse or lover. A woman may not want to continue with a man who has lost her trust on him because of his behavior or actions. A woman may not trust a man who flirts with girls or have too many girl friends. She also may not like to be with a man who does not adhere to the promises or commitments given by him.

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