Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Clubs are social places and entertainment zones where anyone can go and therefore women are not an exception. This is the response to I received from two women I discussed this topic with.
They explained in depth how clubbing women should not be viewed as cheap prostitutes since they also have the right to enjoy themselves in clubs.
“Clubs are not a place where people go to spread their legs for men. There are women who go to clubs but they respect themselves so much that they stick to what took them to the club.” Said Jackline, a business lady in Kakamega.
She said that clubs are not lodgings and therefore ladies who go there should not be mistaken to be prostitutes.
Mary on her side said that she is married with two children and still goes to club quite often with her husband’s consent. She admitted that there are ladies who go to clubs and misbehave a lot adding that some of them over drink to an extent of sleeping with any man despite the fact that they are married.
“These are the ladies that tarnish the image of respectful women in society. Women should know that clubs are places meant for entertainment and not places for digress.  Ladies should respect themselves when they go to clubs in order to restrain from misbehaving,” added Mary.
Ask any married woman who goes to club and she will have thousands of reasons to why she goes there to entertain herself and not to look for rich men. But the big question is, is it justified for a woman to leave her children behind and go clubbing only to come back in the morning? What picture does she portray to her children who look up to her for advice?
It is good to entertain yourself but let us look at the children we are bringing up. What if they grow up knowing that there is nothing wrong about going to clubs? When they start drinking and smoking, habits that breed in clubs, how can you stop them?
I happened to interview a gentleman by the name Tom Otieno who spoke at length about the married women he meets in clubs but what surprised me is how married women introduce themselves to him as single ladies.
“Some even say they are single when I know very well they are married and I happen to know their husbands. Most of them even sleep with other men for money and go back to their houses in the morning. Some of them are allowed to go clubbing by their husbands promising to be careful yet they have hidden agendas in the clubs.” Said Otieno, adding that women are weak especially when they are in clubs and happen to be drunk.
In my opinion, when you meet an outgoing woman and you happen to marry her, or you introduced your wife to clubbing, it is important to allow they have fun in clubs or else she will snick and go clubbing. But it is not advisable for her to go alone or with “friends” as they may put it. You have to accompany her to the club and have fun together. If you are not they club type and she loves you she has to accept it. In marriage we pick new things and drop others in order to protect the marriage.
What is your take on this gentlemen and ladies?


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