Saturday, 4 August 2012


Nowadays in marriages there is a consistent increase in new infections as compared to any group of people.

This is a serious case that should be addressed all over the world because we risk losing many individuals through HIV infections while in marriages.

There are many reasons attributed to this rampant HIV infections but the most outstanding is the one that has to do with past relationships.

Many married individuals had past boyfriends and girlfriends whom they still get in touch with. It is not bad for one to socialize with past partners so long as there are no strings attached. But most disgusting is the fact that most of them engage in sexual relationships with there past partners, whom they still trust and most often, they have unprotected sexual intercourse with.

This is very sad because they seem to forget that theses past girlfriends and boyfriends also are currently in serious relationships and also engage in unprotected sex with their partners. In this regard, if one person is infected, there is a huge risk for more infections in marriages.

There is, however, only one solution to stopping infections in marriages. People should respect their marriages and stop infidelity and adultery. This will help keep many marriages safe and healthy. Stay clear from unfaithfulness. 

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