Monday, 24 June 2013


Makeup Mistakes

Wearing too much makeup on a first date, or any date for that matter, is a major turn off for men, nothing like looking fake with an overly made up face. Try toning it down and going for the natural look. Many department stores offer makeup application tips with your purchase if you don't know how to get that look yourself. 


Neon clothing is definitely not a great color choice for clothing. Apparently, men are not fans of the neon trend; they find it ugly and just plain weird. Since we are talking color, stay away from pink too; they don't like that either. Men are fussy little buggers! 


Really? Does this actually need explaining? Any woman that wears jeggings outside of her home needs some serious help. They are hideous and a poor fashion excuse for skinny-jean-like pants. Anything stretchy with an elastic waistband is not sexy, sorry. These are only great for that special time of the month when you are bloated. They fall in the same hot category as "mom jeans."


Men hate Uggs. They think they are the ugliest footwear on the planet. Don't believe me? Just ask any random dude; he either hates them or has never heard of them. So if you own a pair, throw them in the back of your closet and save them for that special occasion when you are sheep herding in New Zealand. The simple fact that they are considered unfashionable in their native land should be your first clue! 

Strong perfume

Avoid wearing strong perfume on a first date. Some men have allergies to perfumes, and this can definitely put an early end to your first date. If you decide to wear perfume wear a small amount on your wrists; don't drown yourself in it. Most of the time that bottle of designer perfume is not going to impress him; he's probably never heard of it.


Lay off the costume jewelry on the first date. Wearing large pieces of gaudy jewelry is distracting and most of the time just plain ugly. You want him to focus on you and not on all your sparkly bracelets and huge earrings.
If you have face piercings it might be a good idea to leave them out for the first date and avoid face jewelry. Yes, I said face jewelry.

Trashy Outfits

Opt for a subdued look, not the girls’ night out clubbing "Ho" look. Men might like that look on women in general but not the women they are taking on a first date. Does your date want every man to think his date is hot? Sure he does. Do you need to dress like a hooker to achieve this? No. Dressing stylish and classy can give you the desired look your man will love. 


This is a little different from avoiding trashy outfits. Some women wear beautiful and classy clothing but still let the girls hang out. The girls need to be tucked inside with only a little cleavage showing. You need to leave a little for the imagination -- and possibly a second and third date. Avoid wearing plunging necklines and tops that are too tight. A great fitting bra is also a good idea. 

Dressing like a Diva

Wearing stilettos along with trendy, fresh-off-the-runway fashions can cause a man to be overwhelmed and think you are a high maintenance diva. Your girlfriends would die for the outfit, but your date might just think he is in over his head. Depending on where you are going, choose something less flashy and more in his comfort zone. Keep that simple black dress in mind for a dinner date. 


The best fashion accessory you can have is a beautiful smile, don't forget to wear it! Smiling makes you more approachable and lights up your face. It is definitely contagious and can set the mood for the evening and possibly lead to another date. Some women are very nervous on a first date and are so worried about what they are wearing they forget to smile. Let him know you are having a good time...…c

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