Sunday, 30 November 2014

Experiencing difficulty in Respecting your man? Please try this...You wont regret!

Pray for him!
Our husbands are under constant attack and temptations. Here is a wonderful breakthrough that can help you get started praying specifically for your husband.

Show him respect at home!
Respect for your husband at home is not only important but it is also useful because you will earn it back. It is important for husband and wife to respect each other in front of their children. Children feel more secure when their parents are in good terms and display respect to each other even when everything seems to be going south.

Show him respect in public.
In public most people would want to be seen expressing or receiving love impressions from their partners. Most people love it when you show the world how important they are in your lives. It is a turn on for your partner. Try it..

Don’t argue with his knowledge. 

Instead of arguing with his knowledge, find a more lovely way of putting your point across. Sometimes you don’t have to show you are better than your partner in any field. It is important to share your ideas in a way that makes them feel important in the subject of dissuasion. There is always a way of showing someone their idea wont work in whatever the topic is without implying that they have no idea.

Say what I mean.
Men are fairly direct. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Women on the other hand have a type of internal secret code that can result in us saying one thing and meaning another. Women  want their husbands to be able to read their minds, but it’s an unreal expectation that usually results in disappointment for all involved. It’s really just easier to say what we mean without all the hidden pretense. This will even be easier for your husband to handle you and understand what you want at any given time.

Be respectful to him even in his absence.
Talk about your husband in front of your friends of course being careful not to overdo it. Venting about your husband to a group of friends really only causes you to resent him more, and your friends to think less of him as well. Venting about your husband to your children is just out of the question entirely. They need to see you submitting to his guidance for your home even when he’s not present. This will prolong your bond for as long as you can imagine.

Don’t compare him to other men.
Comparing your husband to other husbands is a recipe for disaster creating only dissention at home. I think we can tend to take all of the best qualities of other peoples husbands and combine them all into one perfect guy that really just doesn’t exist! This man is your husband, God chose him for you, as a perfect gift from above. You need to treat him as the heavenly gift he is.

Make Yourself available to him.
I understand most of you work hard and you can be pretty worn out by the end of the day. Sadly that doesn’t leave much left for your husband when he gets home. Still, you need to make yourself available to him. To talk to him about his day, fill him in on you, and yes, make yourself accessible intimately as well. You don’t want to embarrass anyone out there, but you have to face the facts. In today’s world there are temptations for husbands around every corner, on every billboard, and in every workplace. It’s an important role that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Keep up your appearance.
This isn’t too tough for you, you should never be a stay in your sleeping garments all day with no-make up kind of gal. You really do shower each day, put on full make up and get dressed before ever leaving your bedroom. you don’t really have do that for your husband,  it’s because if you don’t “get ready” in the mornings, then you won’t feel good about yourself. Thankfully it serves two purposes! However, even for your kids, I think that dressing nicely is a good value to instill. You don’t want to get dressed up only for special events, but instead you want to get ready for each day. Your kids are a special event, and so is your husband. You don’t want him coming home to a wrecked house and a wrecked wife every day. That wouldn’t be too appealing for you, and neither is it for him for sure. I’m not talking so much about weight here ladies, but more about showing your husband that you care by making an effort with your appearance. I hope you understand what I mean. 

 Encourage him.
All day long you encourage your kids. Why would you feel that your husband deserved any less? Telling him that you proud of his work, thankful for the fact that he takes care of the family so well, and that he’s home each night to be with you is important! Just like anyone else your husband need to feel appreciated and valued. Encouraging them in the home, public, and in private are all essential!

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