Monday, 23 July 2012


Music is an everyday phenomenon of the modern world.
It is a form of entertainment, lifestyle and a means of expression.
It reflects the culture and society from which it originates.
Musicians use music to express their feelings and thoughts.
In most cases, singers take take up the role of stylized characters. This is because the aim of music is to picture a certain personality.

Music is equivalent to drama in terms of characterization and symbolism, only that they are different genres

Character of Women in Music
In most music, women (especially the backstage dramatizers) are represented as weak and sensitive people who need protection from the world.

In an attempt to get this attention, they dress (or are dressed) to impress the world and get attention from it, especially from the men (male gaze).

Female musicians are representations of what a woman wants. Their songs echo the themes of love, hurt, and the hurt for the man they need and want so badly.

female musicians portray woman's attitudes towards men in contemporary times, as cruel creatures, yet kind, loving and human.

In most music, women are also treated as sexual objects.
Music managers are normally male, and they do what they think will sell their records. So, they use the female body as a tool through which the human psyche can be manipulated.

However, this sexuality and attractiveness is emphasized in a positive way, presumably not to deter the female consumers.

Male representation
Male representations in music oozes strength, power and dominance.

While the female exposed, vulnerable, in need of help and weak; unable to protect their naked and sexual figure, that the whole world is able to see, yet she cannot stop them; the male image is that of a pretty boy who is clean, well cut, always nicely dressed in the latest fashion and very appealing as a gentleman.

The male figure is strong, dominant figure of power that is full of self control.

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