Saturday, 21 July 2012


Electing a President who will lead this country peacefully, without fear or favour is the soul interest of all Kenyans who wish to exercise there constitutional right of voting.

 It is, however, disgusting when several Presidential aspirants crisscross Counties claiming they have a plan to block the PM from winning the top seat. Just yesterday Hon. William Ruto addressed supporters in Narok and said that he wants to work with Uhuru to ensure the PM does not see the State House door.

It is high time they start telling Kenyans what unique strategies they want to bring on board to ensure Kenya moves forward. Kenyans are tired of these selfish efforts of blocking an individual from assending to the State House. this will just be a stambling block to the dreams of millions of Kenyans living below the poverty line and the unemployed youth who constitute a large percentage of voters in the country.

Furthermore, time has come when polititians should realise Kenyans are alert and this is just going to be manifested in the upcoming general election when a good number of polititians will be sent home to pave way for reformists.

Moreover, polititians have a hard time appealing to Kenyans since they have been on the watch and they know how potential most of them are.

In my opinion, Presidential aspirants should focus more on telling Kenyans how they plan to make their lives better that the situation is and refrain from picturing their selfish interests and working on ethnic basis. This country is bigger than an individual and Kenyans want someone who will work beyond individual interests.

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  1. Kenyans are not the Kenyans of Yesterday any more. We are on the watch...