Sunday, 16 December 2012


Impressing a beautiful woman online is very important these days. We all use the Internet and we are going to have an online phase to every part of our relationship. Whether you are hunting her down, or you are in a relationship with her, your online activities are going to influence the way she thinks about you. There are some techniques you should always consider when you are approaching a beautiful woman online you have not met, or approaching a girl you have met, or even staying in contact with someone you meet a few times in a week. Online communications have their own special issues, problems and benefits.
Write clearly with fewer words. 

Online communications mean people who are online have many choices at what they want to look at. They don’t read like they are reading a book, and so you have to get her attention very fast and you need to get your message across very clearly. Long letters don’t work very well on email or Facebook. Twitter is a perfect example of how you only have a few words to get your message across. Practicing with Twitter is an excellent way to get better at writing emails. Use very clear and concise language.

Write well. 

Good writing shows you are intelligent and educated. Girls like intelligent guys. Always consider using a spell checker even when you are writing simple personal messages. You can use stylistic writing and make sure you keep to a single style. If you use shortened ways, always use them. Good writing comes in many forms, and shows you are consistent, reliable, trustworthy and a good person. Stupid mistakes can make you look like a fool. Writing well makes you appear polite too! Don’t go overboard, but don’t forget your writing is a big part of what she will think about you.

Learn how to be engaging. 

To engage someone is to communicate and make them feel they are being thought of by you. You are making them think and making them think you are thinking about them at the same time. You might want to look at how good advertising works to get some great ideas on how to be engaging.

Be different to other guys. 

Whenever we are trying to get a girl to like us, we need to remember we are not the only one who is chasing after her. Being different is the way you make yourself stand out. If you are going to compliment her, do it in an intelligent way. Tell her you like her writing style. She is tired of being told how sexy she is. Ask what her favorite ice cream flavor is, or what she recommends as the best movie to go and see now. Being different means you are trying to get what you want in a way that others are not, while making her think she is important.

Consider timing. 

Timing is very important with online communications. Sometimes immediate replies are important, and sometimes you can take your time. Give good reasons why you took so long to reply and always be doing something she wants to do. Get to know when she is online so you can grab her attention when you need.

Flirt and be fun. 

Humor is something everyone loves. Don’t use others to make yourself seem funny. The Internet is loaded with ways to impress girls and so if you are finding you can’t think of something funny. Flirting is best when it is funny. Use humor to advantage all the time. Don’t try too hard!

Use nice images. 

Does your email account have a great photo attached? Our online image is made of pictures and words. These will create a mental image of who you are. Think about every aspect of the image you want to present. Get rid of any drunken photos of you online!

Online reputation management is a very serious business. You can apply these same rules to your personal life and they will really help you to impress every girl. If you start impressing one, you know you can impress them all. It is very easy to have as many girls as you want without them all knowing.

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