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On your first date there are definitely topics you should talk about, and some that you shouldn't   You will want to make your first date conversation topics light and fun, so that you can both participate in the conversation without being self conscious, and then you can just relax and enjoy getting to know each other.
Besides, why would you want to talk about difficult topics such as religion, work or family problems, when you can be having a nice time?
You should be able to have a nice conversation to find out if you like each other enough to possibly go on another date, or maybe to even start a relationship with.  Of course you don’t want to have to sit through those awkward silences that can happen when two people are just getting to know each other.  Most guys are really frightened of this happening.
So here are a few great ideas to start conversations on a first date to make sure that things are fun and go successfully.
Talk about these things
If you ask her something like ‘what’s the craziest thing you've ever done?’ you’ll get an insight into her character, and you might find out a little bit about her wild side.
You could also ask her about the latest celebrity scandal. Then follow up with another question about the naughtiest thing she has done. Girls love juicy gossip and even though you might not care about the latest story that’s okay.  Girls are like walking encyclopedias when it comes to the topic of celebrity gossip.  Just check out the headlines at the local grocery store and then you’ll have a conversation starter for your date, easily!
Another great idea is to ask her about something she’s told you before.  Even if you are on a first date you would have had a conversation with her before and if she’s talked to you about a topic it means she’s interested in it.  It must be important to her or she would not have mentioned it to a person she doesn't know very well.  Besides, it will show her that you are interested in her if you took notice of what she said and remembered it.
Ask her about her favorite things. What she likes about guys, what she doesn't like about guys, what she likes about being a girlfriend, what she doesn't   First date conversations about favorite things always go well.  Girls love to talk and their favorite thing to talk about is themselves.  It’s also a great way to find out about commonalities between you.
Ask her what her friends are like.  Friends are an important part of anyone’s life and when she talks about hers, it not only gets her to open up but it gives you a great opportunity.  It is introducing her to the people who matter the most to her.  So next time you go out with her you could both invite a friend or two which means everyone will have lots of fun, and you will learn even more about her and how she likes to live her life.  You will get to find out more about each other, some of the pressure of making conversation will be off, and you might even get to match make someone else into the bargain!
Remember, each time you ask her a question and engage in conversation you want to make it interesting and emotionally engaging for her. So what you need to do is listen intently to her response and ask her more related questions that further probe into the topic she just mentioned.
The idea is to get her talking about things she likes and enjoys so much that she’s going to be so engrossed in just talking to you she’ll actually be invested in the conversation. Yes, you want her to talk about herself so much that she opens up totally and spills out secrets about her life that she keeps to herself. Once you’re able to do this then you’re a guy that “truly understands her” and you’re going to stand out for sure.
But what you need to make sure is that during the conversation you eventually let her know that you like her more than a friend or intend to move the relationship there. So what do you do to make this happen? You start asking her about her past relationships with her ex boyfriends and ask her what her opinions on dating are like. Girls normally do not open up to guys about these things unless she sees him as a potential candidate to be her next boyfriend.
So there you have it. The secret to talking to women is getting them to talk about themselves and then moving the conversation into being about relationships. Once that occurs she’s not going to shut up and the both of you are going to enjoy yourselves.

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