Monday, 24 December 2012


Wear Lingerie!

 When you look sexy, you feel sexy, so slip into some sexy lingerie and wait for your man to notice.  This makes a man feel the beauty in you always without much strain. It also sends a message to him that you only want to make him happy and feel better in bed.
Make Out! 

Have a good old-fashioned teenager-ish make-out session in the car, in the kitchen, in your parent's living room. Not only is it fun, but scientists say it can relieve stress. This is because finding new ways of relieving stress build s up the relationship at a faster rate.

Work Out! 

Spice up your love life by getting your blood pumping. Nothing like a little post-workout glow to make you feel totally hot ... and there's nothing like a post-workout shower to get the party started! It keeps you on the move and brightens your relationship even more.

Take charge! 

Your man already thinks you're a hot mama (saggy boobs and all!), so show him you're a hot mama who thinks he's pretty hot, too and initiate sex. Your man will LOVE it! Initiating sex shows you have hot feelings towards your partner. This will really spice up your sex life too.

Plan It! 

OK, so you might want not want to write "SEX" in big red letters on your family day planner, but if you want to spice up your love life, scheduling the deed will get your juices flowing and give you something to look forward to while you're at the grocery store. This is one appointment we guarantee your partner won't be late for.

 Just Do It!

 You know how you can never eat just one Girl Scout cookie? Same goes for sex. The more you do it, the more you'll want to do it. Practice make perfect-that is the way to go on this one. It works for everyone. You should try it.

Read Sexy Books

Books are a source of information. This is another way to boost feeling in a healthy relationship. Discovering new things in a relationship makes your love life grow to high limits. It is the new things that make a relationship last long as compared to sticking to the old tactics of approach.

Swap Massages

A long, relaxing back-rub always hits the spot. And if it happens to lead somewhere else, well... this is also a form of working out since it can be used to initiate sex, which will eventually lead to mad love making.

 Get Away! 

Nothing puts a damper on romance like macaroni and cheese smeared all over the wall. So if you want to spice up your love life, check in to a hotel for a night ... and spend some time forgetting about the mess at home and remembering why you fell in love. Getting some time only for the two of you increases intimacy in a healthy relationship.

 Get Toys! 

Shove the blocks and legos out of the way and bust out some adult toys. Need an idea? Try some delectable, edible chocolate paint or grab a pretty scarf from your closet and get creative! 

Use Aphrodisiacs! 

Everyone knows that eating chocolate puts in you a good mood, but did you know that other foods like strawberries, oysters and even salmon can spice up your love life? Nothing like a little love feast to start a love fest!

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