Sunday, 23 December 2012


Wares a smile in her eyes

She is always happy and that gives you the window to her soul. Her eyes and her whole demeanor kind of lights up when you walk into the room or towards her. She is friendly in her speech and everything she does. It is easier to converse with her because she will give you her attention.

She lets you be you

A good woman will help you drive your attention towards being yourself other than trying to please her by not being yourself.  She does not want to change you - clean you up, re-make you or rename you etc - so she can love you but accepts you just the way you are. She accepts you the way you are with more compliments and not critics. Such women will always make you feel comfortable because they concentrate more on the positive side of you.

She genuinely enjoys your company.

Good women will always enjoy your company. They are not  afraid to ask for it or tell you that she enjoys being around you. Being around her feels like being around your best friend because you can truly be just yourself. They are not too hard to make happy. The experience of being around her is "satisfying" in its own. There is no single day you will be bored when with her. They love simple jokes and take part in conversations.

She does things that will make you happy.
She's the woman who'll call you just to say "hi" or "I was thinking of you" however busy/tired she is. She will always do thing that she thinks will make you happy. A good woman cares about your happiness.  She does this by being good to you like it’s the last time. They keep on finding new ways to make you happy.

 She is secure within herself. 

A good woman does not need constant attention and does not put pressure on you to feed her self-esteem, anxiety or worries about the future. She lets you do your things, enjoy your time and spend some time with your friends. It is, however, important not to overdo this. All she cares about is your happiness and will allow you to do anything that responsibly makes you happy. She does not call you every now and then to find out who you are hanging out with. She is just secure.

She's there for you when it's up and when it's down.
A good woman will never abandon you even when the times are hard.  They will always stick by you because they believe you need them more when things get worse. She's happy out in an expensive restaurant just as she's happy sitting next to you on the couch, doing nothing. She tries hard to fit in all the circumstances. She is actually the last person who can abandon you.

She does what she says she will do

A good woman does not play mind games but lets you know where you stand because she cares enough to treat others the way she'd like to be treated. She does not pretend at any point. She sticks to what she says and also goes out of her way to do it better. The good thing about good women is that you can trust her with anything. She does not let things go wrong.

She does not think about herself alone

She believes that a relationship should be a 50/50 give-and- take partnership. With her it's not always "Me, me, me" but "we" and "us". Not only does she believe in a 50/50 give-and- take partnership, she takes her 50% part of the partnership seriously. She believes you should share obligations and therefore involves you in her decisions. She likes it when there is high level of consultation in the relationship.

Respects you

She shows you respect not only in private but also more in public. She does not pick unnecessary fights with you in public.  She does not like it when other people offend you because she cares about how others see you and treat you. She does not criticize you in public but waits till you are only the two of you.  When in public and something is not right she will quietly tell you or wait when you are in a more private place. She is not the type who will cause drama in public.

She is nice to everyone.

She's not just nice to people she has something to gain from but is kind and treats the doorman, the customer service rep, the waitress, the beggar on the street, a child, the elderly etc. With compassion and respect. This is a telling sign of how she'll treat you once she feels she has you and isn't trying to impress you anymore.

Looks for a relationship

She genuinely wants to be in a relationship with you and not just looking for "any man" to solve all her problems. She talks positively of the opposite sex but also not blind to their shortcomings. She doesn’t want to make mistakes with personality and therefore she prefers a serious relationship to just having a man in her life.

She likes the things you like
A good woman makes an effort to do even the things you like and she doesn't. She does all this because she's not embarrassed or too proud to show you how much she loves you. She gives you her love and she also gives you her trust. She will try to make you happy at all cost. She's positive, happy with her life and always upbeat. She does not try to put other girls/women down to look better than she really is. She makes you feel like you really matter even with all your faults and shortcomings and she's happy that you were born.

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