Tuesday, 18 December 2012


An Old man once told me the world revolves around three things money power and women to me this sounded rather biased but until the onslaught that women pulled in Beijing in the name of Gender parity and the much adored affirmative action as it rotates in political circles. Money then as old as it seem to be has in many occasions been changing its face from a simple cowrie shell to now the modern blue chips only available to the few rich fraternities and societies above the average living.Then comes in power, a tool that's dynamic slanderous and covetous in nature that those who seek it would otherwise adopt or assume the worse  as long as their ultimate goal of being the all powerful Hercules comes to pass.

Let us give credit to women for there powerful push for there rights, for their love, for their caring spirit. Women have in the past proved to be very important humans than any other. When I look at my mother, I really see the strength of a woman. She stuck by me during the hard times, when I thought of giving up. Every mother deserves love, respect, attention and protection. Men should take heed.

Its only women who keep going when others have given up. Its them who will still love you when other people abandon you. Its only a woman who can say "I hate you!" when she still needs you. It is only a woman who will take care of the children even when their father abandons them. A woman can hold on in marriage to the last minute even when men give up.

They say behind every successful man there is a strong willed and supportive woman and in so many instances this has been historically true. Lwanda Magere was once a strong Luo warrior. The Nandi community feared him and at the mention of  his name people trembled and ran away from battles fields but what's sartling of all is that his love for a woman brought down his reign and the Nandi warriors plundered the Luos their wealth and any good things that the Luo kept in there lower plains.After the loss, Luos still adore wealth and power but they have a way with women they don't trust them so much especially if they came from a different tribe.

Do u remember Mussolini? Yes!! That one. History has it that he was built by a woman. His speeches, his image, his looks, the dressing; all this was because of a woman, whom history doesn't remember fairly just because she was his mistress.But this woman provided the much needed support that led to great revolutionary change in France and to date its not a secret that the current premier likes and keeps a lot of women in the sidelines.May be there are things we little birds cant understand about the three things Love Women and Power that these guys seriously did appreciate and this scares me.

Undoubtedly some powerful and very wealthy men, have also been brought down to their knees with some truly spirited women and we cannot let this go unmentioned.In the USA former president Bill Clinton suffered a set of humiliating press conferences and tarted image when Monica Lewinsky brought allegations of sexual involvement against him while in office as if this wasn't enough the celebrated athlete Tiger woods and former IMF boss and scores of others are but a few of sorry individuals that have suffered seriously from the women we seem to adore so much.You may also ask our friend Jullian Assange of the famous leaks what he fears most between the fight for deportation and facing a woman claiming he sexually assaulted.

With all these in mind I would not ascertain whether having all the above is the best option but as much as I would want to encourage some of my successful friends to get involved with beautiful women I implore my judgmental mind to try and understand their plight and tread softly on this matters considering what history has taught us all. Money isn't bad Power. On the other hand,  it is like a sweetened wine you pass, pass and pass untimely but women are beautiful creatures that we should adore and care for. Let us respect and love the women we are associated with: be it your sister, mother, girlfriend or spouse. Let us learn to treat them well. 

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