Thursday, 20 December 2012


There are so many of your female/male friends who would love to have sex with you so long as you keep it a secret, respect and cherish them. They don’t want you all the time, and even understand that you have a boyfriend, girl friend, wife or husband.  It’s no wonder there are so many affairs. These people will run away from you as soon as you try breaking up with your partner to be in a relationship with them. They are the type of people you should avoid getting intimate with at all cost.

The following are people who may be dying to have sex with you with no strings attached.

The lady or gentleman at the office

Thrown together for hours at a time, in situations that show us off at our best. Well dressed, well behaved, demonstrating our competence and skills, it’s no wonder we’re attracted to one another. But affairs that start at work usually go very wrong, and have amongst the highest chance of being found out by your spouse. They cause trouble with your colleagues, and maybe even the loss of your job. The list of potential problems is endless. These kind of affairs normally start before one realizes.
To avoid getting caught up in such affairs is very simple. You have to realize you are in a relationship and that you came to work and not get used by anybody. Try to be official in your conversations with people who send such signals. It will drive their attention from wanting an affair to viewing you as a responsible colleague who just wants to do his/her job.

One of your friends or neighbours

Friends, especially those who are very close, are the type of people we should be very careful with when it comes to being intimate. Just like at the office, these affairs catch people unawares. Although they are the second most common candidates who would love to make love with you, it’s also another source of endless problems.
There are very many problems that come with this. Some get so deep into the affair that they wouldn’t want to see you even with your spouse, whom they know very well. When this starts, you start losing you friendship. If you want to keep your friendship avoid getting intimate because when you break up, that’s the end of your friendship.

Your in-laws

Stay away from your in-laws! They are also candidates who can land you in far deep problems. You might not believe it, but people actually do sleep with their husband’s or wife’s younger brother or sister – or worse. Just don’t go there...
You might think you are just being friendly and brotherly but maintaining distance is very key when it comes to socializing with your in-laws. Avoid going to private places with your in-laws because that is how it starts. This can lead to you breaking up with your spouse. Just keep off…

Successful seducers

Watch out for successful people who want to have sex with you. First of all, they avoid situations like work and so on. They’re also very upfront. They tell potential lovers that they’re married – which makes sense because their lover is probably married anyway. And they don’t exaggerate their problems with their spouse, or any of that stuff. They simply tell the truth. Their attitude seems to be that if you’re straight with a lover, and don’t waste their time, then the chances are they won’t waste yours.

They’re also canny about the right places to meet. Like they avoid bars! Yes, I know there always seems to be a lot going on in every bar, but those guys are heading for disaster. Because there are no safe bars for married people looking for lovers. You’ll be instantly spotted and the rumours will start. Forget the internet too – spouses read emails...

Lots of successful affairs start in simple public places, ‘Mind if I sit here?’ and through sports activities and evening classes. Watch out….

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